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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Starfire Business Solutions:


1.      Expertise in business analysis, problem solving and process improvement

2.      An ability to see your business as a whole as well as how its components interact

3.      Passion to nurture others who wish to own and operate their own business.

4.      Impeccable ethics and integrity

5.      Prudent and wise in analysis which saves you money

6.      Fine intellect coupled with talent and stamina to deliver a stellar product on time and within budget

7.      We deliver efficient, reliable and consistent service

8.      We take ownership of the project and are accountable for its execution and success

9.      Injects notes of fun and lightheartedness while maintaining a professional attitude and appearance

10.  Driven by a passion to succeed

About us:

Sandy Stuhlfire, MBA, is founder and CEO of Starfire Business Solutions.  She offer clients the benefit of 25 years of professional business experience, formal education in business management (MBA) and a passion to help small business owners and non-profit managers make the most out of their companies. 

Sandy’s prior paid and volunteer experience encompasses a wide variety of business activities, including:   

v     Hands-on accounting

v     Financial statement preparation and analysis

v     Business valuation

v     Systems implementation and support

v     Process/procedure development and implementation

 What we do:

Starfire Business Solutions helps support business owners and managers with technical expertise and infrastructure services so that they may focus their efforts on the big picture for their business.

We empower clients to be their best by establishing a relationship with them to understand their desires, motivation and challenges; employs financial, operational and strategic analysis to identify areas for improvement; and employs appropriate technology to implement action plans.

Services are tailored to each business depending on its specific needs, determined through an interview with the owner.

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Sandy Stuhlfire, MBA

CEO / Business Consultant